Residual Arcadia

  Narratives for a fragmented landscape Competition Proposal in Collaboration with EPOKA University Tirana A new narrative for the future of the Durana Region cannot be developed from scratch, we have to start in media res—in the middle of things. Durana‘s reality, it‘s fragmented urban growth has to be accepted. The project Residual Arcadia is… Read more »

Museum of the 21st Century

  The competition proposal for the Museum of the 20th Century located at Kulturforum Berlin is proposing a Museum of the 21st Century, which acts as an elevated public plaza with several viewing platforms for art performances and social gatherings. The project proposes a public space for tourists and Berliners that activates the landscape qualities… Read more »


Cultivating the Field in the Global Hinterland Community Building for Mass Housing in the Amazon Region Of the 19 Brazilian fastest growing where population doubled over the past decade, 10 are in the Amazon region—the biggest linchpins for rapid urbanization in Brazil are major energy and industrial projects taking advantage of vast amounts of untapped natural… Read more »